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By gathering the best specialist expertise available, we enable a safe digital world. Understanding the relationship between people and technology is key to us. When working together with our customers, we know better than to focus on just the technology. That’s why a journey together with us always starts with exploring your current situation as well as your vision for the future.

Services and solutions​

Through our group of companies, we offer the full spectrum of cybersecurity services and solutions, ranging from proactive to reactive services and software, aimed at improving the protection of data and reducing the cost of cybercrime. As a trusted partner, we cover all cybersecurity needs.

Our dimensions


Understand risk exposure to both internal and external cybersecurity threats. Information ranging from surveillance and threat intelligence, to identity and privilege analytics are invaluable sources for predicting the potential for cybersecurity breaches. The more visibility you have at hand, the better you can put policies and procedures in place to manage those risks.


Setup safeguards for your critical infrastructure and services so that the impact of a cybersecurity breach can be limited or contained. Ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information services at all times by protecting both internal and external access, all the way from the network level to the services’ inner access controls. Also, ensure continuous operations with organizational policies, procedures and agreements in place.


Both regulatory compliance and minimizing the impact of a cybersecurity breach requires a timely discovery of fraudulent activity, regardless of if it’s an internal or external cyberthreat. Continuous monitoring is a key preparation for detecting cybersecurity incidents in both infrastructure and services. A SOC helps to quickly evaluate the potential impact of an ongoing incident, while operationally evaluating the effectiveness of the current protection in place.


When a cybersecurity incident has been detected, it needs to be limited or contained immediately. A SOC responds with appropriate measures, for example emergency turn-off of malicious identities or accesses, and then evaluates the resulting impact and mitigation actions to support the recovery. Response measures, procedures and planning are continuously updated and lessons learned are used for improving detection in the future.


Timely recovery to normal operation from a cybersecurity incident is achieved by maintaining and testing plans for resilience and restoring any infrastructure or services. The faster the detection and response to the cybersecurity incident, the higher the likelihood that you recover with less effort.

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As a part of the Allurity group you will have access to a unique cybersecurity ecosystem of best-in-class specialists. You can leverage each other’s expertise and competence and get access to each other’s technology.

“In Allurity, we have found an owner who shares our joint vision of helping clients with their cybersecurity and IT infrastructure, specifically strengthening their identity security capabilities, which we believe is a critical cornerstone of any organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. Together, we can create a true impact leader in the industry.”

– Fredrik Åström, CEO of Arctic Group and Jens Björkman, CEO of ID North

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