ID North

ID North

ID North is a Nordic service provider offering identity security to its customers by providing expertise and best-in-class solutions and services. The company is considered a thought-leader in identity security and work with leading technology solution providers, including SailPoint, Microfocus, Okta and CyberArk, enabling business development and digitization through digital trust.​

ID North offering


ID North only offers the best products on the market. This means products that have the highest customer satisfaction rates and rankings by research companies, and are the easiest to implement, thus creating the best RoI.


ID North works in accordance with the best practices of the industry. They have developed their own ”Unified Identity Process” that focuses on maximizing value in the shortest possible timeframe.


ID North offers a complete ID Service. Essentially this means we handle everything related to identity solutions. In the aftermath of an identity project, many customers decide that having identity competence on the payroll may not be where they should focus their internal resources.

We liked the process that ID North presented to us. They referred to it as a ‘Governance first’ approach. That was really what won us over in the end. A structured approach to an Identity project that made sense to us.”

– Anna Idorn, CISO Ikano Bank