Enabling a safe digital word

About us

We are a group of tech-enabled cybersecurity service providers, comprised of best-in-class experts with a common mission to enable a safe digital world.  We give progressive cybersecurity specialists the opportunity to reach their full potential. Together, we have an ambition to accelerate growth and create long-term sustainable profitability.

The group offers a full range of cybersecurity services, ranging from proactive to reactive services and software, aimed at improving the protection of data and reducing the cost of cybercrime.

Our vision is to become the preferred partner for tech-enabled cybersecurity services in Europe, strengthen cybersecurity with customers and bridge the skills gap, contributing to society by combating cybercrime and making the world a better place.


Frida Westerberg / CEO


Åsa Agerman / CFO


Niklas Bromé / Head of M&A


Elsa Berg Bjärtun / Head of Corporate Development


Maria Lörne / CMO


Anna Tornell / Finance Manager


How we contribute to society

Protection of digital infrastructure is an area with a strong social need given the growing prevalence of cyber threats, the high societal costs of cyber attacks and the shortage of technical skills in the market.

Our owners

Allurity is proud to be a part of Trill Impact, a pioneering Impact House with more than EUR 1 billion in assets under management across its investment strategies, with ambition to partner with leading companies and entrepreneurs to achieve best-in-class returns and make the world a better place.

Trill Impact partners with businesses that have strong positions in commercially-attractive sectors, as well as a significant positive impact on our society.

The Trill Impact team consist of a group of more than 30 private equity and impact professionals with more than 100 years of joint experience from investing in and developing companies across sectors, including technology and business services.

Trill Impact supports entrepreneurs and management teams of companies through active collaboration on setting a strategic plan, providing access to capital, knowledge and network, and measuring and monitoring KPIs, to steer businesses in the right direction, accelerate growth and create value.

Our values

Values are like the foundation of a house – they provide stability and structure to how we act, decide, and collaborate in our work and society. In our decentralized model, each company cultivates its own unique culture and way of working, and our joint family values serve as our guiding star in collaboration within the family – a constant reference point. As we advance on our journey, these values become our driving force, harmonizing with our shared purpose, and infusing every stride with meaning and direction.

Allurity was formed in October 2021 by Trill Impact, with a vision to create a leading European cybersecurity group and make a significant, lasting impact. Initially consisting of two of the leading cybersecurity companies in Sweden, the group has since been joined by several new companies and today serve customers in more than ten countries and provide services across all cybersecurity verticals.

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