Enabling a safe
digital world

Who we are

Allurity is a group of tech-enabled cybersecurity service providers, comprised of best-in-class specialists with a common purpose to enable a safe digital world. We are the chosen growth partner for progressive entrepreneurs and talent. Together, we aim to develop the industry and support companies in reaching their full potential.

“I am thrilled about our exciting growth journey. We are building a European leader in tech-enabled cybersecurity services, meeting the needs of organizations worldwide in search of advanced and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Our joint mission is to enable a safe digital world.”

– Frida Westerberg, CEO Allurity

Career at Allurity

We’re always looking for more amazing people to join our team. We have a strong vision to gather the best-in-class specialists and experts to combat cybercrime and enable a safe digital world.

4 facts

The global cost of cybercrime today is estimated to EUR 6.5 trillion.


About 95% of cyberattacks are involving exploit of vulnerabilities in web applications.


Gartner predicts that 75% of CEOs will be personally liable for cyber-physical incidents as early as 2024.


Identity theft, data breaches and insider threats are among the top ten cyber threats in the European Union.