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The Allurity family

We invest in and bring together companies that mutually benefit from being part of the same ecosystem, while maintaining operational and entrepreneurial flexibility. The Allurity group is built on companies and great people who all want to develop, strengthen the business and make a positive impact.

In short, we help companies to reach their full potential. We open doors and help each other to develop and grow.


Retain autonomy

We believe that a decentralised approach is strongest way to empower each member of Allurity to develop, build a unique legacy and reach their full potential.

Collaborative ecosystem

You will join a group of specialized cybersecurity service providers that gives you access to valuable expertise and rare experiences from which you can benefit.

Support that matters to you

You will have access to support in areas that matter the most to you. We support you in areas such as finance, digital marketing, legal, talent management, negotiations with technology providers as well as business development and M&A.

Attract and develop talent

We empower you with talent management, so that you can recruit and develop a workforce that is motivated and stay with the organization long term. Trainings and upskilling opportunities are important tools for retaining and developing employees for growth and strategic positioning.

Why we joined Allurity

The Allurity family is built on companies and great people who all want to develop, strengthen the business and make a positive impact on the world. With the Allurity group, you’ll be working alongside exceptional individuals and companies who share a common goal: to build a safe future through collaboration and innovation.

So let us briefly explain how we work. Meet Fredrik Åström, CEO at Arctic Group and Daniel Shepherd, CEO at CSIS – who both have chosen to join the Allurity family.

Arctic Group

Fredrik Åström

For some time, Arctic Group had received numerous requests to sell the company. While we were committed to ensure our people that they would have the opportunity to grow and develop, we had  declined many offers in the past.

However, when Allurity approached us, we were intrigued. Unlike previous suitors, Allurity was interested in investing sustainably, and we saw them as a strategic partner that advocated for decentralized decision-making in each company.

Since joining the Allurity family, we have not been disappointed. The atmosphere is welcoming and fosters a sense of community among all of us. We capitalize on the strengths of each company in the family, and as a result, sister companies benefit from each other’s experience, skills, and contributions to projects. We also provide our employees with opportunities to develop in areas where a single company may lack expertise but where sister companies excel.


Daniel Shepherd

The CSIS team is ambitious, and we had known for some time that we could do so much more to grow the business both in Denmark and abroad. However, we also knew that we needed a ‘journey partner’ to provide us with the strategic backing, scale, resources, and capabilities to drive organic and inorganic growth.

Having taken the decision to sell the company, we had to define what we wanted and what we did not want. We knew that one of our most distinctive features had always been our culture, so we did not want to risk damaging that. We also knew that our customers and employees valued our absolute focus on technical depth and excellence in cybersecurity, so we did not want to erode that. We wanted to find a journey partner that would be inspired by the same things that inspire us, that would share, challenge, and augment our ambitions, and that would open new possibilities for our growth.

We met with over 30 companies over 12 months! Lots of interesting people and ideas. Lots of food for thought.

And then we met Allurity: the click was immediate. We went for it. The due diligence process was executed in an open and collaborative manner, with issues being tackled quickly and constructively. When we reached the end of the process and got ready for closing, the sense of excitement and alignment was very strong.

Being part of the Allurity family of companies has lived up to all expectations. The decentralized operating model means that CSIS remains the same in terms of brand, identity, value proposition, services offering, roadmap, ways of working, and more. Both our employees and our customers have responded very favorably. The other companies in the group provide an expanding universe of opportunities for sharing, learning, and collaboration. The central Allurity team injects capabilities around strategy, finance, marketing, corporate development, and M&A, ensuring that we are continuously encouraged and challenged to be the best we can be.

Beyond of all this, The Allurity Management Team is invaluable to me personally because I have met truly talented individuals that are doing incredibly inspiring things with their respective companies – an absolute boost of positive energy!

I look forward to each day because I know we are building something special at CSIS, Allurity, and all the other companies that are part of this unique family.

Our common purpose

Our common purpose to enable a safe digital world and create positive change for future generations. Together, we aim to develop the industry and support companies in reaching their full potential. On the road ahead we must constantly challenge ourselves and seek new and better methods. The goal of every company in Allurity is to be the leader in its niche. We believe in bold objectives, ambitions and high ideals.

Developing and growing businesses is always at the core in Allurity. New ideas have become new businesses. Opportunities and challenges have shaped our development and set new priorities, both for individual companies and for the group.

Successful acquisitions have brought in new, talented entrepreneurial leaders and made us a strong and still growing group. Our aim is to help each other to develop the business to reach the next level.

“In Allurity, we have found an owner who shares our joint vision of helping clients with their cybersecurity and IT infrastructure, specifically strengthening their identity security capabilities, which we believe is a critical cornerstone of any organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. Together, we can create a true impact leader in the industry”

– Jens Björkman, CEO of ID North

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