Join our journey

We invest in and bring together companies that mutually benefit from being part of the same ecosystem, while maintaining operational and entrepreneurial flexibility. The Allurity group is built on companies and great people who all want to develop, strengthen the business and make a positive impact.

In short, we help companies to reach their full potential. We open doors and help each other to develop and grow.


Retain autonomy

We believe that a decentralised approach is strongest way to empower each member of Allurity to develop, build a unique legacy and reach their full potential.

Collaborative ecosystem

You will join a group of specialized cybersecurity service providers that gives you access to valuable expertise and rare experiences from which you can benefit.

Support that matters to you

You will have access to support in areas that matter the most to you. We support you in areas such as finance, digital marketing, legal, talent management, negotiations with technology providers as well as business development and M&A.

Attract and develop talent

We empower you with talent management, so that you can recruit and develop a workforce that is motivated and stay with the organization long term. Trainings and upskilling opportunities are important tools for retaining and developing employees for growth and strategic positioning.

“In Allurity, we have found an owner who shares our joint vision of helping clients with their cybersecurity and IT infrastructure, specifically strengthening their identity security capabilities, which we believe is a critical cornerstone of any organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. Together, we can create a true impact leader in the industry”

– Fredrik Åström, CEO of Arctic Group and Jens Björkman, CEO of ID North

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