CloudComputing was founded in 2010 to provide services to enterprise companies based on Identity, Mobility, and Information Security. The motivation to work in these fields is based on the strategic view that an organization’s efficiency is measured by the capacity to share business information in real time with the right people in a safe manner anywhere. This way promotes client’s continuous innovation and value, supported by the following skills: cybersecurity consulting, zero trust maturity assessment, and identity & governance management. The main differentiators are specialized people, company methodologies, and premium deliverables.

CloudComputing offering


Digital transformation requires employees to carry out their work with greater agility and safety. The interface available to produce this innovation makes all the difference.

CloudComputing is the partner in Iberia with greater specialization in the transformation of the workstation. Our skills enable us to deliver turn-key projects, on a SaaS or On-Premise model to any fixed or mobile device in retail, energy, finance, media, public or telecommunications. Today CloudComputing manages tens of thousands of devices.


Desktop Management (PCLM)
Mobile Device Management (MDM & BYOD)
IoT Device Management


Managing both user lifecycle and access makes it easy to secure identities and applications. Simplifying access to Applications, Web or native, together with increased security allows for greater interoperability, hybrid cloud readiness, augmented efficiency and better risk mitigation.

Specialized services:

Employee & Customer IAM
Privileged Access Management
API Management & API-fication


Organizations need strategies for the digital transformation of their legacy systems while at the same time increasing responsiveness in heavy, repetitive tasks.

CloudComputing delivers:

Hybrid Cloud Management
Software-Defined Data Center & WAN (SDDC & SD-WAN)
Virtual Desktop and Applications

Digital workspace

VMware’s Workspace ONE platform is recognized by the industry as the most comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management solution on the market, facilitating workplace modernization and mobility projects. It allows managing professional equipment and consumer equipment, common and specialized, with the same performance, supporting the 5 operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux). Ensures the User privacy requirements and the Organizations’ critical functionality.