Arctic Group


Arctic Group is a Swedish service provider focusing on cybersecurity, integration services and deployment of software development tools. The company is considered a thought-leader in Identity & Access Management (“IAM”), which is an important area of an organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure and constitutes the core of a secure and sustainable digitalization. Arctic Group has a well-qualified and skilled team with extensive experience from helping clients achieve a robust level of security.

Arctic Group offering


Arctic Group collaborates with several world-leading partners to always offer customers the best solution. Arctic always starts from the customer’s need of competence in the development team & technology area. Through our partner relationships, we add another dimension with the opportunity to get help with specific challenges and work peaks.


Arctic Group offers agile teams that, in close collaboration with the customer, ensure the team continuously delivers customer benefit and their expected results. Arctic offers teams in cybersecurity as well as system integration, Atlassian platforms and system maintenance.


Most of Arctic’s projects turn into continued maintenance assignments together with customers. Today, Arctic works on large, complex assignments with high demands on the rate of development. They constantly focus on streamlining working methods and new technology. They also work long-term, and therefore have collaborations that have been developed for more than 20 years.