Aiuken Cybersecurity


Aiuken is an international IT Security company, focused on communications and IT technologies, specialized in Security and Cloud Services solutions with high added-value. They offer Managed security services and Cloud Services as the basis of protection for large enterprises, SME and Public Administration. Their expertise is a part of the Security Operations Center Network (SOC) with highly-skilled professionals with more than 10 years of experience.​

Cybersecurity offering

Aim and mission

Aiuken Cybersecurity offers advanced Managed Detection & Response services (MDRS) and Cloud Services of high added value as a protection base for large companies, SMEs, and Public Administrations through a Network of Security Operations Centers (SOC) with highly qualified professionals with more than 10 years of experience. Gartner has identified Aiuken as one of the important players in MDRS in the last years.


Aiuken provides MDR services from its network of SOCs to end customers, service management, with technological integration capabilities for security solutions, Threat Intelligence, automated report generation, advanced detection and correlation through AI, Threat Hunting, and response capabilities through SOAR.


ASIP (Aiuken Security Intelligence Platform), is the only platform for the management of MDR services from a SOC (Security Operations Center) due to its detection and response capabilities, integrated ticketing, advanced investigation tools, threat detection not only through defined use cases but also through MITRE, CAPEC and NIST security frameworks and above all through native multi-Cloud integration (AZURE, AWS, GOOGLE CLOUD) and with 5G anomaly detection.