Founded in 2003, CSIS has built a solid reputation for innovation, deep technical capabilities, and an ability to address the most complex cyber challenges. From its base in Denmark, the company supports some of the most recognized brands in multiple industries throughout the Nordics, the UK, and the US. Central to the company’s unique positioning are its proprietary technology, scalable services, actionable threat intelligence and world-class team of security professionals. CSIS is a trusted adviser to law enforcement agencies (including the FBI, NCA and Europol) and is asought-after contributor to public and closed-community conferences around the world.

CSIS offering

Managed Detection & Response

Designed to help customers prevent, detect, and respond to advanced security threats, CSIS focuses on people, procedures, and technology to offer a comprehensive MDR solution, providing customers with real-time visibility into cyber security risks as it relates to them. Delivered through their proprietary platform, CSIS integrates with various own and 3rd party monitoring technologies that ingest data about potential security events from EDR, NDR, and SIEM systems and further enrich and check this data against their own threat intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

For more than a decade, CSIS has been involved with threat actor research and malware targeting the financial sector, which is deployed by the top of the food chain among IT-criminal groups. Leveraging that experience and synergy effects from a number of emergency incident response cases and proprietary technologies, CSIS’ dedicated CTI research team has unique insights into malicious infrastructures. On that basis and in close collaboration with external partners, CSIS provides some of the most comprehensive threat intelligence feeds including but not limited to malware campaigns, malicious domains and IPs, malware configuration files, threat actor intelligence, and much more.

Brand Protection

With its proprietary anti-phishing platform, CSIS protects customer brands through the entire phishing life-cycle; from the earliest stages of an attack to the removal of a phishing website. The service has a fully automated takedown request system and insights into intelligence that provides a comprehensive view of phishing campaigns.

Emergency Incident Response

Working at the forefront of cyber security for almost two decades and being intimately involved with some of the most prominent and complex attacks, CSIS has gained extensive experience in handling highly advanced and complex cyber security attacks, working hand-in-hand with customers by offering them a customized approach to identify, analyze and remediate threats.

Security Consultancy

Adopting a proactive approach to detection and response, CSIS offers several essential consultancy capabilities, testing businesses’ resilience to a wide range of cyber-attack techniques. Using proprietary technology, CSIS provides large-scale compromise assessments, active directory health checks, red team operations, and various forms of penetration tests.