SRLabs is a boutique security consultancy based in Berlin and Hong Kong. The team of security experts at SRLabs is dedicated to researching, assessing, and helping increase hacking resilience committed to making the world more secure. SRLabs has provided innovative consulting services to Fortune 500 companies across diverse verticals for over a decade.

SRLabs is the trusted partner of CISOs in over two dozen countries, whose work makes billions of users safer from hacking. The SRLabs team remains at the forefront of hacking research, always trying to help shape our digital future in positive ways.

SRLabs offering

Telco security

Leveraging an extensive expertise in mobile network hacking, the SRLabs’ team supports mobile networks worldwide in measuring hacking risks, selecting appropriate mitigations to close the identified gaps, and finally, establishing effective security processes.

Security maturity review

SRLabs aims to foster a security culture that enables, rather than hinders, business processes. By considering an organization’s actual needs, processes, and structures, we provide custom-tailored security benefits, avoiding generic advice that may obstruct business operations.

Security team incubation

SRLabs’ ramp-up program for large-scale IT ventures builds entire security teams from scratch, offering crucial advisory and assurance qualifications from Day 1. SRLabs secures billion-dollar investments, ensuring successful and hacking-free launches of telco networks worldwide as they pioneer new companies.

Red teaming

SRLabs Red is a team of hacking experts that perform attack simulations on corporate environments. We validate your security controls with real world, end-to-end scenarios and help you understand your security posture beyond compliance checks and isolated tests.

Device testing

Devices have become a part of our lives. Whether it’s IP cameras, SIM card vending machines, smartphones, or routers, security issues can lead to severe invasions of privacy, identity theft, fraud, information leaks, and more. SRLabs performs security assessments to identify all relevant risks for clients and end users, and help to mitigate them.

Code auditing

SRLabs tackles complex security challenges, and software systems have proven to be an endless source of great security puzzles. SRLabs has created a unique methodological process for security validation and employ it regularly with leading software development teams.

Vulnerbaility prioritization

SRLabs streamline vulnerability information processing, ranging from compliance checks, audit findings, pentests and red team insights, through prioritization and automation.