Allurity and SRLabs joining forces

Cybersecurity group Allurity strengthens its position through the acquisition of globally recognized SRLabs

Allurity completes the strategic acquisition of Security Research Labs (SRLabs), a globally recognized cyber consultancy based in Berlin and Hong Kong. This marks an important milestone, as SRLabs brings unique expertise that enhances Allurity’s market position and strengthens its capabilities to deliver a holistic cybersecurity offering.

With SRLabs, Allurity takes a significant step in its journey of building a pure-play leader in tech-enabled cybersecurity services in Europe, meeting the needs of organizations worldwide in search of advanced and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Together, Allurity and SRLabs set the stage for a safer digital world.

“By joining forces with SRLabs, Allurity is enhancing its offering with premium strategic cybersecurity consulting, unique cyber insights, and industry-leading solutions,” stated Frida Westerberg, CEO at Allurity. “This strategic acquisition perfectly aligns with our vision of becoming the preferred partner of tech-enabled cybersecurity services in Europe, amplifying our global impact, and enabling a safe digital world”.

“SRLabs was founded to make the world a more secure place, one small step at a time. Today, we join Allurity to walk further than ever before in reaching hacking resilience for individuals and organizations globally,” remarks Dr. Karsten Nohl, Founder of SRLabs. “Our mission of building and challenging robust hacking defenses continues. Together with Allurity, we are gaining the scale and diversity necessary to match the well-organized cybercrime ecosystem. Our clients continue to receive advice from a hacker perspective on how to balance innovation and protection – just more of it.”

The Allurity group currently comprises seven best-in-class companies across Europe, including Spanish Aiuken, Swedish Arctic Group and ID North, Portuguese CloudComputing, Danish CSIS, Swiss SECURIX and German SRLabs. With the addition of SRLabs, Allurity accelerates its strategy of becoming a leading European powerhouse in cybersecurity. Currently, the group generates approximately EUR 100 million in revenue, serving customers globally.

About SRLabs

SRLabs is a boutique security consultancy based in Berlin and Hong Kong. The team of security experts at SRLabs is dedicated to researching, assessing, and helping increase hacking resilience committed to making the world more secure. SRLabs has provided innovative consulting services to Fortune 500 companies across diverse verticals for over a decade.

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