ID North acquires Pulsen integration IAM

With the ambition to become the Nordic market leader in both the public and private sector and broaden the offering in identity and access management (IAM), ID North has acquired Pulsen integration IAM.

“The rapid digital development have increased the understanding of and need for IT security solutions among many companies and organizations. The merger with Pulsen improves our position within IAM. We are two strong complementary organizations that have a clear and common view of how the market should develop. This way we can join hands and use each other’s strengths to help our customers in an even better way,” says Jens Björkman, CEO of ID North.

It is the increasingly rapid digital development that is behind the increased need for identity and authorization management.

Identity management is an important part of the enterprise security plan, as it is linked to both the security and productivity of the organization.

In many organizations, users are granted more access privileges than they need to perform their functions. Attackers can take advantage of compromised user credentials to gain access to organizations’ network and data. Using identity management, organizations can safeguard their corporate assets against many threats including hacking, ransomware, phishing and other malware attacks.